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Started this book the other day. Still at the beginning of it and so far it's really good.

I have read 19 books this year so far. My goal was 12 and I'm really happy that I completed it. Looking forward to the new year for a new goal. Wow that made be just think....where did this year go?!?!

Today's Random Words

Here are the lucky words I picked today. 

group come take love although 

I have been really wanting to write and share my own poems, but that step for me is really big. It's on such a more personal level. I felt like that when I first put my art online to sell, however over time it's now way more easier for some reason. We'll see. 

Random Words

In July I started this random word thing. I printed out some different words, cut them up, tossed them together and then picked a few to form something that hopefully makes sense. I don't look at the words when picking them out to keep it interesting.

Here are the ones I did up until October 6th.

now you use very less 
July 27 2018

since when read against thing nor hand
July 28 2018