2/365 2-12-19 Paw Prints

2/365 2-12-19 

My Dachshund Lincoln's paw prints in the snow.

1/365 2-11-19 Harriette

Here I go!
1/365 2-11-19
Harriette the super hero bunny. She's my favorite stuffed toy.
The photo is light in some areas and the subject is out of focus. But I'm fine with it. This is what I love about it though, you just don't know what you'll get. Oh and that feeling when waiting for the film to develop, so exciting!

New Journey

Starting today I'm going on a 365 journey with my Instax mini 90 instant camera. A photo a day for a year! I'll learn more about this camera along the way and will do some experiments with double exposures, filters and so on. Some pics might not turn out that great and just maybe there will be some super fantastic ones. No matter how the photos turn out I'll still post them. Hope you follow along with me.