Random Words

In July I started this random word thing. I printed out some different words, cut them up, tossed them together and then picked a few to form something that hopefully makes sense. I don't look at the words when picking them out to keep it interesting.

Here are the ones I did up until October 6th.

now you use very less 
July 27 2018

since when read against thing nor hand
July 28 2018

sort of seem at time point
July 29 2018

when could problem fact wish me anything
July 30 2018

if fairly against anything
August 2 2018

until find love while through someone 
August 18 2018

almost anything from him since himself 
October 6 2018

I really love picking the words out and then moving them around to see what comes forward. 

Hope you enjoyed them. 

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